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The Tim Burton film “Big Eyes” now has a release date: December 25, 2014. That means you can see me on Christmas Day 😉 You can view the trailer here.

After a very busy Spring on Intruders, I spent most of the summer in beautiful Montreal filming a mini-series, “The Fixer“.



Starring Eric Dane and Kathleen Robertson, the four hour mini is a contemporary conspiracy-thriller. A Federal Agent investigates a series of tragic events that have long thought to have been natural disasters only to find that there may have been other forces and explanations at work. It was a rollicking story, a very ambitious production and hugely satisfying to work on. The cast and crew were led by our phenomenally inspiring and indefatigable director, Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors, Laws of Attraction, Anti-Trust). When he wasn’t making us double over with laughter, he was deftly pushing all of us to make a thrill a minute story. An early look at our fun and mayhem can be seen here.

Next up was a real change of pace from the gritty and thrill inducing worlds of The Fixer and Intruders. This Fall, I moved on to a sweet and charming Hallmark TV film, “Small Miracles“. The Futon Critic describes it –

“Darcy Miller, a college science major and true blue realist, comes across a list of belongings that were intended for close friends and family, from the mother she never knew. As an act of courtesy, she sets out to fulfill her mother’s wishes only to discover these keepsakes turn out to be miraculous gifts to those receiving them, arriving incredibly at the perfect time. Darcy’s journey becomes a venture into life’s living miracles. This helps her draw closer to the mother she always longed for and to believe there are unexplained marvels in this world, even small ones, that defy explanation.”

Also starring Jesse Moss, the film was passionately guided and directed by Neill Fearnley. This is the fourth or fifth time I have worked with Neill and every experience has been a joy. He genuinely seeks to collaborate with his actors and crew and is passionate about finding the small moments that make a story really sing for the audience!

Most recently, I caved in and became just about the last man to join the Twitter Party. My Twitter name is @Andrew_Airlie 

I am still hopelessly fumbling my way around the Twitterverse. I apologize in advance if I happen to reply or favourite a tweet or a conversation of yours more than once! It all looks a bit like hieroglyphics to me right now but I’m sure my children will straighten me out soon!

I am very touched and grateful for the generous thoughts and support from the Fifty Shades of Grey lovers out there. They are a deeply passionate fan base and have been extraordinarily welcoming to me.  #FSOG Thank you all so much!!

Watch this space soon for an update on my son, Callum Seagram Airlie. Lately, I’ve spent almost as much time chaperoning on his sets as I have working on my own!

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