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Well, it’s February so it must be time for a seasonal update. I recently finished a guest spot on CTV’s latest drama offering, “Motive”. I had a great time working with a stellar cast and crew. The show recently debuted to very strong ratings in Canada and has been picked up by ABC for Summer 2013.  Good luck to all!

I can report that the mini-series “Delete” that I shot last summer has found a home on Reelz Channel.

AA_Delete AA_Delete2


No air date as yet but for those so inclined, you can check here for more info or register to receivce an update.

I have a couple of things percolating at the moment but none that I can reveal at this time. Watch this space for updates! ;0)


Well… I do have one related update that I can talk about.




About a year ago, my son, Callum – who had been pushing me to get him an audition for something… anything, for a year or two – finally took matters into his own hands. Not content with my promise to look into it for him once he was a little older, he took the opportunity to self-pitch himself to a Casting Director who was simply introducing herself prior to an audition I was attending. He said, “Hi. I’m Callum Seagram Airlie. You know Maureen, if you are ever making a movie and you need a seven year old boy, I could do that.” That simple.

A few weeks later Maureen called to see if he was still interested in reading for a part. He was. And, there you have it…Callum’s first job. It was a lovely Lifetime Christmas movie, “The Wishing Tree”.

He followed that up a little later with a Hallmark Channel Holiday movie, “Love at the Thanksgiving Parade”.

Two for two. Dad wishes he had his batting average.

Callum has followed that up with a terrific guest part in the CW’s hit show, “Supernatural”.  It airs this Wed. February 27th, 2013 at 9:00 pm. Check your local listings.

Needless to say, my wife Samantha and I are very proud of Callum. He had a wonderful time on each project and everyone took exceptional care and interest in him.

His most recent experience on “Supernatural” was truly inspiring for Callum. I owe a huge shout out to the wonderful cast and crew who adopted him like one of their own for two weeks. Director Steve Boyum and First A.D. Johnny Mac and his team made the whole experience something wonderful to remember.




Callum learned so much from his experience working with Jared and Jensen as well as Brooke Langton, John Novak and John Reardon. All were exceedingly generous with their encouragement, time and attention. Thank you!!

Finally, the Casting Director who started it all, Maureen Webb, is also a founder – with her sister Donalda – in one of Vancouver’s most inspiring places to eat. If you are in the Vancouver area, treat yourself to the delights at East of Main. I do, as often as I can.

Watch their space at Project Limelight Society and don’t forget to take in their next amazing children’s production. Your heart will thank you. Get your tickets early… they always sell out!