Hi Again!

OK. So I’m not a prolific blogger! Maybe it makes more sense to post these updates by seasonal rather than monthly titles. Keeps expectations in check…

Thanks to all of you have taken the time to email with kind words and/or questions and updates.

No, I have no plans to join the Twitter ranks. But thanks for the invitations.

In the new year I happily did an interview for Matt Horn in the U.K. that you can find here.

Yes, that was me recently on the Season Two opener of “The Killing”. The character Dr. Madigan does appear in a future episode or two – as has been reported elsewhere. No, I can’t tell you anymore. And, no, I don’t know anymore than you do about where the story is going or who killed Rosie! Honestly.
“The Killing” was a great project . I had the chance to re-connect with the wonderful and talented Billy Campbell and one of my favourite producers, Ron French, and to meet a few new directors whose work I have long admired. The whole cast and crew were a treat to work with and very welcoming. I wish them much success with their season.

This spring also had me working on a couple of other projects for release later in 2012.    I had the good fortune to play Guest Stars on “Fairly Legal” and “The Haunting Hour”. The prolific Matthew Penn directed “Fairly” and the gracious and collaborative James Head directed “Haunting”. It is always a joy to work with Jim.

Most recently, I have been thoroughly enjoying my time on the not too cryptically titled, “The 12 Disasters of Christmas”. You might have guessed that it will be part of SyFy’s wildly successful slate of original TV movies. It was a  rollercoaster ride of filming fun! It also reunited me with 2 of my favourite people to work with, director Steven Monroe and producer John Prince. I worked with Steven a few years ago on “Storm Cell”. He is a wonderfully inspiring and inventive guy. Steve has a great eye and ear for material and always posesses a last minute idea or suggestion that manages to make the scene or your performance better! The only thing more satisfying than working a scene with him is talking hockey with him between set ups. (As my beloved Maple Leafs are sitting out this playoff season…insert your own joke here…I will throw my support to Steve’s beloved Nashville Predators. This offer is for a Limited Time Only.) John Prince,  I have worked with on numerous occasions and he always puts together a great team and runs a set that is joy to work on. Our tireless and brilliant Cinematographer was  another old friend, Anthony ‘Tony’ Metchie. The cast is led by Ed Quinn, Magda Apanowicz and Holly Elissa.  No air date yet but I’m thinking sometime around Christmas… 😉

That is about it for now. I am still writing and working up a few different scripts and pitches but nothing to report moving forward at present.

Thanks for stopping by,