Melissa Hank – The Romeo Section

Melissa Hank – The Romeo Section Review

John Doyle – The Globe and Mail Review – The Romeo Section

John Doyle – The Romeo Section Review

Diane Wild – The Romeo Section Brings More Intelligence To CBC

TV, eh? The Romeo Section Review

The Sunday Mail – Andrew Airlie Fifty Shades of Grey

Andrew Airlie Sunday Mail

CW’s Hellcats & Seth Rogen Comedy June/2010

More Casting News

> read full article

Star Spotting – June. 19/2010

See who’s making the scene in B.C.

Veteran local actor Andrew Airlie has found himself lucky enough to be juggling several gigs lately > read full article

BBC – Sept. 29/2009

Defying Gravity: Andrew Airlie

In the role of Antares flight director Mike Goss, stationed in Mission Control, the Final Destination 2 star Andrew Airlie plays another of the space mission’s key figures.

Airlie recalls that he welcomed the opportunity as a step away from his usual acting roles. > read full article – Aug. 1/2009

Interview: Andrew Airlie of Defying Gravity

Combine a creator who worked on Grey’s Anatomy with a plot about a space mission, and critics were never be able to resist the moniker Grey’s Astronomy. Viewers will decide if that’s an appealing combination when Defying Gravity premieres Sunday, August 2 on CTV and ABC. > read full article


Defying Gravity’s Andrew Airlie – In Control

What if your job required you to go away for a very, very, long time, say six years? And what if that journey would take you far, far, away from your loved ones and all else that is familiar to you, say, eight billion miles? You would want someone who was on the ball and with plenty of experience watching your back, right? > read full article

The Vancouver Sun – July. 23/2005

When your agent calls, just forget about that cottage in Muskoka

A few weeks ago, Vancouver actor Andrew Airlie decided that since he didn’t have much work here, he’d pack up his wife and two children and head to their cottage in Ontario with an eye to working out of Toronto for the summer. > read full article