Update November 2010

Hello Everyone,

A couple of things to report.  I will be appearing in two upcoming TV movies “Killer Mountain” and “Collision Earth”.  Network details, announcements and dates have not been confirmed but I will post that when I get official word. (Though it is unlikely they will air before 2011.)  Of course, many of you would know that already if you regularly follow Steve Eramo’s site – which you can get to from here.  While I do respond personally to your emails here, stop by Steve’s site if you have a moment and post a question or comment.

I also recently filmed a small cameo on a Lifetime film, “Gone”, which will star the lovely Molly Parker.  It is directed by the talented and very gracious Grant Harvey.

All three films were especially fun to work on as they provided the opportunity to work with a lot of friends, cast and crew, from some of my  favourite former shows.

Thanks for stopping by!