May 2011

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry I have been remiss with updates of late…all the usual life excuses apply here so there’s no use going over them!!

In March and April I filmed a Disney TV-movie, directed by the wonderful and charming Jeffrey Hornaday. We had a dynamite young cast and a really great and supportive team of producers – it was just a joy to work on!! More cast and title details to be revealed here later when it is officially announced by the studio.

I also recently completed post production work on a couple of TV movies filmed last year – Collision Earth and Killer Mountain. No release dates as yet but I will keep you posted.

Most of my time in the past few months has been taken up with writing. Along with my creative producing partner, we secured the option rights to a really fantastic historical fiction novel –  a great thrilling, swashbuckler of a thing set in the 15th Century. We have sent our treatment out to select producers and broadcaster/distributors and we are looking forward to their responses. Again, I apologize for the lack of details I’m supplying but I’m not at liberty to share more than that at this stage. When we have something to announce, I’ll put it up here first!

As always, I am humbled and grateful for the kind letters and emails that I have received from so many of you. I hope I haven’t missed or forgotten anyone – my apologies if I have. Your questions and comments are always welcome. Until next time…

All the best,