FALL 2012


Welcome !

Spring and Summer 2012 kept me pretty busy with roles in a number of exciting projects.

First up was Cedar Cove, a two hour movie that served as a pilot for a new series on The Hallmark Channel. Based on the wildly succesful novels by Debbie Macomber, the series stars Andie MacDowell and Dylan Neal. It has now been formally  picked up and will continue as a full-run series on Hallmark. Congrats to all involved!! Directed by the very generous Michael Scott and led by their talented and ever gracious leads, the show was a real joy to work on. Look for it to air in early 2013.

In July and August I had the good fortune to work on a very intruging mini-series, Delete. It is a very ambitious story with elements of sci-fi, suspense and apocolyptic doom!!  I had an enormously good time working with such a talented cast – most of my work was with Gil Bellows, Matt Frewer, Janet Kidder and Blu Mankuma. Matt and I are old friends and I laugh more with him than probably anyone should while working. He is non-stop funny between takes!  Janet and Blu and I have worked together in the past  – always briefly it seems – so it was a treat to get to spend that much time working and playing with them on this show. It was the first time I had met or worked with Gil Bellows – I sincerely hope it is not the last. He was pure gold -as an actor and a man. Steve Barron keenly and passionately directed the story that will have a lot of ambitious visuals captured by the wonderful Joel Ransom. The project was yet another I owe to the good graces of Shawn Williamson and his team at Brightlight Pictures. I’m not sure about the air date for Delete, but if I hear I will post it here.

A little later in August I filmed a Lifetime Channel movie – She Made Them Do It. On this based-on-a-true-story I was reunited with director Grant Harvey. I have gushed about Grant before – here and other places – and for good reason. He is a truly inspiring, collaborative artist with an infectiously positive spirit. Harvey Kahn and the Front Street Pictures group (Cedar Cove) along with producer Brenda Friend put together a great cast headlined by the extraordinary Jenna Dewar Tatum. She is fantastic in the role of a convicted murderer sociopath on the run after she escapes from prison. I play a succesful business man who falls prey to her charms and risks everything in his comfortable life to help her. I recently finished some ADR on the film and I thought it looked great! Again, I don’t have an air-date but I will post it if/when I know.

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