FALL 2015

I know I have been a little remiss in keeping on top of the updates… 🙂

Many thanks to those of you who kindly emailed or tweeted me to remind me of that! I truly do appreciate your interest!!

So, this happened…



It’s been a busy and wonderful few months filming “The Romeo Section” for CBC. Working with writer/creator Chris Haddock and a brilliant ensemble cast – Jemmy Chen, Juan Riedinger, Eugene Lipinski, Stephanie Bennett, Sophia Lachlin Hirt and Manny Jacinto – and a sensational and inspired cast and crew, we just recently completed filming on our first season of 10 Episodes.

Episodes, clips and other goodies may be found here.


We debuted to great critical acclaim and support from Canadian TV commentators  – see John Doyle’s comprehensive review and synopsis – and another from the good people at TV,eh – to cite only a few. Well, one more… here. 😉

The Vancouver Sun has a great backgrounder on our show here.




The Romeo Section -- "Repel Monkey" -- Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/CBC -- © 2015 CBC, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The Romeo Section — “Repel Monkey” — Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/CBC — © 2015 CBC, LLC. All Rights Reserved


The Romeo Section -- "The China Shop" -- Cate Cameron/CBC -- © 2015 CBC, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The Romeo Section — “The China Shop” — Cate Cameron/CBC — © 2015 CBC, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Tune in Wednesdays at 9pm on CBC. (No word yet as to when it will be available in the U.S. or internationally – but watch this space – or my Twitter feed – for details.)


Most of the early part of 2015 I found myself busy writing and/or chaperoning my son Callum to work on his sets. More on that later!

I also had a great experience working on the ABC series, ‘Mistresses’, playing this guy…


…Father John, for 4 episodes. They were a great bunch to work with!

My final update… isn’t really an update at all.

I have had many, many requests for information, news or details around Fifty Shades Darker”. I am flattered that so many of you would think that I might be ‘in the loop’ on these matters but alas, I am not. 😉

I look forward to whatever E L, Dana and their team do with the fabulous James Foley in FSD and I am at the ready if needed!

Thanks very much for stopping by!!



Thanks for stopping by!

The Tim Burton film “Big Eyes” now has a release date: December 25, 2014. That means you can see me on Christmas Day 😉 You can view the trailer here.

After a very busy Spring on Intruders, I spent most of the summer in beautiful Montreal filming a mini-series, “The Fixer“.



Starring Eric Dane and Kathleen Robertson, the four hour mini is a contemporary conspiracy-thriller. A Federal Agent investigates a series of tragic events that have long thought to have been natural disasters only to find that there may have been other forces and explanations at work. It was a rollicking story, a very ambitious production and hugely satisfying to work on. The cast and crew were led by our phenomenally inspiring and indefatigable director, Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors, Laws of Attraction, Anti-Trust). When he wasn’t making us double over with laughter, he was deftly pushing all of us to make a thrill a minute story. An early look at our fun and mayhem can be seen here.

Next up was a real change of pace from the gritty and thrill inducing worlds of The Fixer and Intruders. This Fall, I moved on to a sweet and charming Hallmark TV film, “Small Miracles“. The Futon Critic describes it –

“Darcy Miller, a college science major and true blue realist, comes across a list of belongings that were intended for close friends and family, from the mother she never knew. As an act of courtesy, she sets out to fulfill her mother’s wishes only to discover these keepsakes turn out to be miraculous gifts to those receiving them, arriving incredibly at the perfect time. Darcy’s journey becomes a venture into life’s living miracles. This helps her draw closer to the mother she always longed for and to believe there are unexplained marvels in this world, even small ones, that defy explanation.”

Also starring Jesse Moss, the film was passionately guided and directed by Neill Fearnley. This is the fourth or fifth time I have worked with Neill and every experience has been a joy. He genuinely seeks to collaborate with his actors and crew and is passionate about finding the small moments that make a story really sing for the audience!

Most recently, I caved in and became just about the last man to join the Twitter Party. My Twitter name is @Andrew_Airlie 

I am still hopelessly fumbling my way around the Twitterverse. I apologize in advance if I happen to reply or favourite a tweet or a conversation of yours more than once! It all looks a bit like hieroglyphics to me right now but I’m sure my children will straighten me out soon!

I am very touched and grateful for the generous thoughts and support from the Fifty Shades of Grey lovers out there. They are a deeply passionate fan base and have been extraordinarily welcoming to me.  #FSOG Thank you all so much!!

Watch this space soon for an update on my son, Callum Seagram Airlie. Lately, I’ve spent almost as much time chaperoning on his sets as I have working on my own!

Until next time,






Well, I seem to be publishing updates with a frequency approaching Hailey’s Comet sightings! (For those curious, Hailey’s Comet will be visible again in 2061.)

It’s been a busy year on many fronts. Let’s start with TV.

Through the Spring and Summer of 2013 I had the great fortune to work on Season One of Hallmark Channel’s, “Cedar Cove.” I had a truly wonderful time working with Andie Macdowell, Sarah Smyth and Dylan Neal – all wonderful people and generous collaborators. Season One was a huge success for the the show and Andie and the the gang are well into production on Season Two. Look for it to air mid July 2014.

While I had many memorable scenes and moments with Andie and Sarah, I will be forever grateful to our Producers for this opportunity…

CSA_14-7 CSA_14-8 CSA_14-9
My son, Callum, was cast as Jordon in flashback scenes, the son that Olivia and Stan tragically lost in a drowning accident years ago. It was our first time working together on screen and it was a magical day! Callum very generously agreed to share his trailer with me!

Check this space soon for a a new update page devoted to Callum and his upcoming projects.

A few other favourite TV roles from 2013 include playing Mr. George Darling in ABC’s, “Once Upon A Time.” Wendy’s Dad, Peter Pan… I mean, come on! It was ridiculous fun!! The moustache alone was a highlight.


In the Fall, I made an appearance as Mayor Rob Woodruff on A&E’s critically acclaimed, “Bates Motel.” Working with Vera Farmiga is, quite simply, as good as it gets. I have my fingers crossed that the Mayor might have more to take up with Norma in the future…

More recently, I was in Toronto to shoot the CW hit, “Reign.” Now, I have to say, this one was very close to my heart. A 16th Century Scottish Lord at the French Court, a kilt, a broadsword, a dagger…


… it was a rare treat!! I love historical or period stories and the opportunities don’t come along frequently enough for my liking. And the chance to play a Scottish character… it was a joy. Alan Kroeger, our Director, and the fabulous cast led by Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows, Torrance Combs and Toby Regbo were incredibly welcoming and generous. It was a dream set. They have deservedly been picked up for a second season. If you haven’t seen “Reign” yet, check it out and enjoy!

Finally, in TV terms, most recently I have been filming a new series for BBC America, “Intruders.” It stars the incredibly gifted team of John Simm, Mira Sorvino and James Frain. I can’t say much more about it or my role at this point but I believe it is going to be a big hit for the network. The wildly talented and inspirational team of Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner and Glen Morgan and his fabulous writing staff have crafted something really compelling, chilling and unique. The series is brilliantly directed by Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Stamm. Another teaser found here. Watch for it this summer!!


I have also enjoyed a great deal of good fortune in feature films during the past year. First up was Robert Redford’s “The Company You Keep.” I have a cameo as an FBI Agent who is trying to track down Robert’s character in the film. It was an honour to be invited to his set and take direction from a legendary artist.

That was equally true of my next opportunity which was on the set of Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes.” I have always been a huge fan of his films, his talent and vision. He is a true master. I couldn’t overstate or exaggerate how thrilled I was to work with him and the sublimely and astonishingly talented Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

Most recently, as many of you have now heard, I had the chance to join the divine Sam Taylor-Johnson and E.L. James for the film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Sam directed the wonderful, imaginative and emotional “Nowhere Boy.” She was an absolute joy to work with. Long before I ever made it to set I heard from every crew member, in every department how much I was going to love her. They were right. We all came under her beguiling spell. Erika was no less charming and wonderful herself. She had me laughing and smiling every minute in her company!

Though I can’t share anything more, I can attest to the tremendous work and care that went in to making the film during my time on set. Sam set the tone and everyone followed. I certainly hope that Erika and her legion of followers are going to be pleased and entertained with the film version of her phenomenally successful novel. I’m grateful to have been invited to their world!

Well, that’s about it for now. I will do my best to make the updates a little more frequent. Thank you very much for stopping by! As ever, I do my best to respond to your letters, emails and kind thoughts as time permits.

All the best,





Thanks for stopping by.

Well, it’s February so it must be time for a seasonal update. I recently finished a guest spot on CTV’s latest drama offering, “Motive”. I had a great time working with a stellar cast and crew. The show recently debuted to very strong ratings in Canada and has been picked up by ABC for Summer 2013.  Good luck to all!

I can report that the mini-series “Delete” that I shot last summer has found a home on Reelz Channel.

AA_Delete AA_Delete2


No air date as yet but for those so inclined, you can check here for more info or register to receivce an update.

I have a couple of things percolating at the moment but none that I can reveal at this time. Watch this space for updates! ;0)


Well… I do have one related update that I can talk about.




About a year ago, my son, Callum – who had been pushing me to get him an audition for something… anything, for a year or two – finally took matters into his own hands. Not content with my promise to look into it for him once he was a little older, he took the opportunity to self-pitch himself to a Casting Director who was simply introducing herself prior to an audition I was attending. He said, “Hi. I’m Callum Seagram Airlie. You know Maureen, if you are ever making a movie and you need a seven year old boy, I could do that.” That simple.

A few weeks later Maureen called to see if he was still interested in reading for a part. He was. And, there you have it…Callum’s first job. It was a lovely Lifetime Christmas movie, “The Wishing Tree”.

He followed that up a little later with a Hallmark Channel Holiday movie, “Love at the Thanksgiving Parade”.

Two for two. Dad wishes he had his batting average.

Callum has followed that up with a terrific guest part in the CW’s hit show, “Supernatural”.  It airs this Wed. February 27th, 2013 at 9:00 pm. Check your local listings.

Needless to say, my wife Samantha and I are very proud of Callum. He had a wonderful time on each project and everyone took exceptional care and interest in him.

His most recent experience on “Supernatural” was truly inspiring for Callum. I owe a huge shout out to the wonderful cast and crew who adopted him like one of their own for two weeks. Director Steve Boyum and First A.D. Johnny Mac and his team made the whole experience something wonderful to remember.




Callum learned so much from his experience working with Jared and Jensen as well as Brooke Langton, John Novak and John Reardon. All were exceedingly generous with their encouragement, time and attention. Thank you!!

Finally, the Casting Director who started it all, Maureen Webb, is also a founder – with her sister Donalda – in one of Vancouver’s most inspiring places to eat. If you are in the Vancouver area, treat yourself to the delights at East of Main. I do, as often as I can.

Watch their space at Project Limelight Society and don’t forget to take in their next amazing children’s production. Your heart will thank you. Get your tickets early… they always sell out!



FALL 2012


Welcome !

Spring and Summer 2012 kept me pretty busy with roles in a number of exciting projects.

First up was Cedar Cove, a two hour movie that served as a pilot for a new series on The Hallmark Channel. Based on the wildly succesful novels by Debbie Macomber, the series stars Andie MacDowell and Dylan Neal. It has now been formally  picked up and will continue as a full-run series on Hallmark. Congrats to all involved!! Directed by the very generous Michael Scott and led by their talented and ever gracious leads, the show was a real joy to work on. Look for it to air in early 2013.

In July and August I had the good fortune to work on a very intruging mini-series, Delete. It is a very ambitious story with elements of sci-fi, suspense and apocolyptic doom!!  I had an enormously good time working with such a talented cast – most of my work was with Gil Bellows, Matt Frewer, Janet Kidder and Blu Mankuma. Matt and I are old friends and I laugh more with him than probably anyone should while working. He is non-stop funny between takes!  Janet and Blu and I have worked together in the past  – always briefly it seems – so it was a treat to get to spend that much time working and playing with them on this show. It was the first time I had met or worked with Gil Bellows – I sincerely hope it is not the last. He was pure gold -as an actor and a man. Steve Barron keenly and passionately directed the story that will have a lot of ambitious visuals captured by the wonderful Joel Ransom. The project was yet another I owe to the good graces of Shawn Williamson and his team at Brightlight Pictures. I’m not sure about the air date for Delete, but if I hear I will post it here.

A little later in August I filmed a Lifetime Channel movie – She Made Them Do It. On this based-on-a-true-story I was reunited with director Grant Harvey. I have gushed about Grant before – here and other places – and for good reason. He is a truly inspiring, collaborative artist with an infectiously positive spirit. Harvey Kahn and the Front Street Pictures group (Cedar Cove) along with producer Brenda Friend put together a great cast headlined by the extraordinary Jenna Dewar Tatum. She is fantastic in the role of a convicted murderer sociopath on the run after she escapes from prison. I play a succesful business man who falls prey to her charms and risks everything in his comfortable life to help her. I recently finished some ADR on the film and I thought it looked great! Again, I don’t have an air-date but I will post it if/when I know.

Thanks for stopping by.







Hi Again!

OK. So I’m not a prolific blogger! Maybe it makes more sense to post these updates by seasonal rather than monthly titles. Keeps expectations in check…

Thanks to all of you have taken the time to email with kind words and/or questions and updates.

No, I have no plans to join the Twitter ranks. But thanks for the invitations.

In the new year I happily did an interview for Matt Horn in the U.K. that you can find here.

Yes, that was me recently on the Season Two opener of “The Killing”. The character Dr. Madigan does appear in a future episode or two – as has been reported elsewhere. No, I can’t tell you anymore. And, no, I don’t know anymore than you do about where the story is going or who killed Rosie! Honestly.
“The Killing” was a great project . I had the chance to re-connect with the wonderful and talented Billy Campbell and one of my favourite producers, Ron French, and to meet a few new directors whose work I have long admired. The whole cast and crew were a treat to work with and very welcoming. I wish them much success with their season.

This spring also had me working on a couple of other projects for release later in 2012.    I had the good fortune to play Guest Stars on “Fairly Legal” and “The Haunting Hour”. The prolific Matthew Penn directed “Fairly” and the gracious and collaborative James Head directed “Haunting”. It is always a joy to work with Jim.

Most recently, I have been thoroughly enjoying my time on the not too cryptically titled, “The 12 Disasters of Christmas”. You might have guessed that it will be part of SyFy’s wildly successful slate of original TV movies. It was a  rollercoaster ride of filming fun! It also reunited me with 2 of my favourite people to work with, director Steven Monroe and producer John Prince. I worked with Steven a few years ago on “Storm Cell”. He is a wonderfully inspiring and inventive guy. Steve has a great eye and ear for material and always posesses a last minute idea or suggestion that manages to make the scene or your performance better! The only thing more satisfying than working a scene with him is talking hockey with him between set ups. (As my beloved Maple Leafs are sitting out this playoff season…insert your own joke here…I will throw my support to Steve’s beloved Nashville Predators. This offer is for a Limited Time Only.) John Prince,  I have worked with on numerous occasions and he always puts together a great team and runs a set that is joy to work on. Our tireless and brilliant Cinematographer was  another old friend, Anthony ‘Tony’ Metchie. The cast is led by Ed Quinn, Magda Apanowicz and Holly Elissa.  No air date yet but I’m thinking sometime around Christmas… 😉

That is about it for now. I am still writing and working up a few different scripts and pitches but nothing to report moving forward at present.

Thanks for stopping by,





September 2011

Hello again!

Thanks to those of you who wrote to me about ‘Killer Mountain‘ when it aired on SyFy in August. I apologize that I didn’t post a ‘Coming Soon‘ reminder – but I didn’t know about the air date myself!

I do know that ‘50/50‘ – formerly known as ‘Live With It’- starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anna Kendrick and Anjelica Huston is being released September 30th, 2011. I have a small role in the film but I was honoured to be in the company of a great cast. The writer, Will Reiser, his fellow producing partners and Jonathan Levine, the director, made it one of my favourite and most memorable experiences to date. I missed the screening a few weeks ago when I was out of town but those that were there have told me it is a beautiful, poignant, funny and inspiring film! I’ll be lining up on the 30th to see it myself.

Until then, you can see the trailer here.

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer – we certainly did!


All the Best,


May 2011

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry I have been remiss with updates of late…all the usual life excuses apply here so there’s no use going over them!!

In March and April I filmed a Disney TV-movie, directed by the wonderful and charming Jeffrey Hornaday. We had a dynamite young cast and a really great and supportive team of producers – it was just a joy to work on!! More cast and title details to be revealed here later when it is officially announced by the studio.

I also recently completed post production work on a couple of TV movies filmed last year – Collision Earth and Killer Mountain. No release dates as yet but I will keep you posted.

Most of my time in the past few months has been taken up with writing. Along with my creative producing partner, we secured the option rights to a really fantastic historical fiction novel –  a great thrilling, swashbuckler of a thing set in the 15th Century. We have sent our treatment out to select producers and broadcaster/distributors and we are looking forward to their responses. Again, I apologize for the lack of details I’m supplying but I’m not at liberty to share more than that at this stage. When we have something to announce, I’ll put it up here first!

As always, I am humbled and grateful for the kind letters and emails that I have received from so many of you. I hope I haven’t missed or forgotten anyone – my apologies if I have. Your questions and comments are always welcome. Until next time…

All the best,



January 2011

Best Wishes to everyone for a wonderful 2011!!

I thought I would let you know that my Q&A, generously organized by the tireless Steve Eramo, is now available here at his website.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate and don’t forget to check out some of Steve’s great interviews and cover pieces.

Update November 2010

Hello Everyone,

A couple of things to report.  I will be appearing in two upcoming TV movies “Killer Mountain” and “Collision Earth”.  Network details, announcements and dates have not been confirmed but I will post that when I get official word. (Though it is unlikely they will air before 2011.)  Of course, many of you would know that already if you regularly follow Steve Eramo’s site – which you can get to from here.  While I do respond personally to your emails here, stop by Steve’s site if you have a moment and post a question or comment.

I also recently filmed a small cameo on a Lifetime film, “Gone”, which will star the lovely Molly Parker.  It is directed by the talented and very gracious Grant Harvey.

All three films were especially fun to work on as they provided the opportunity to work with a lot of friends, cast and crew, from some of my  favourite former shows.

Thanks for stopping by!